Where Acorns Landed has just received amazing feedback from the Wishing Shelf Book Awards. Details below…
This book was entered in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. This is what our readers thought:
Title: Where Acorns Landed
Author: Anne M. Curtis
Star Rating: 5 Stars
Number of Readers: 17
Readers’ Comments
‘A clever mix of fantasy and the real world. The characters jump off the page. Talented writer.’ Male reader, aged 43
‘I enjoyed this fantasy story very much. I think it’s original and has depths/layers most fantasy books don’t. There’s plenty of suspense and a range of intriguing characters. To top it all off, the writing style is fluid, descriptive, but pacey when it needs to be.’ Female reader, aged 53
‘This is not your typical Harry Potter fantasy. It’s thought-provoking and different in a genre that rarely is. I enjoyed this very much.’ Male reader, aged 65
‘I read this book with my partner and it led to long discussions. Any book that can do that has my blessing.’ Female reader, aged 41
To Sum It Up:
‘A wonderfully original fantasy. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’ The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

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